Quick Ways To Score Some Cash For Your Junk Car


Do you have a junk car that is just sitting around your property, taking up space? If you are interested in getting rid of it and making some quick cash while you are at it, you are in luck. There are a couple of good ways you can finally get the junk cars out of your yard or driveway and get some money from them. To help you do that, you will want to review the following:

Call Cash For Cars Companies

There are a lot of companies that advertise that they give cash for cars. Many of those advertisements might appear on signs along the side of the road or even on the radio when listening to a popular local station. If you haven't heard of any lately, you can do a quick search online. Just make sure that you are searching for nearby companies. The further they have to drive to you to tow your vehicle back to their shop, the less money they are likely to offer you. The easier it is for them to snag the car, the more they might be willing to pay.

Sell As A Whole Parts Car

To get rid of the entire vehicle all at once, you can offer it for sale for a couple of hundred dollars and let it go as a parts car. The buyer will have to take the entire vehicle instead of just removing the specific parts that they need. Then again, if your junk car still has a few different valuable parts with some life left in them, you might want to consider selling those individually to make a little more money. You may need to remove the parts yourself, unless you want to discount the price for people that can do it themselves. Once the good parts are removed, you can scrap the rest.

Donate The Vehicle And Write It Off

If the junk car is something salvageable, you could always donate it to a mechanic's school or vocational training high school program. You will receive a receipt for the donation that you may be able to use at tax time. Your accountant can try to deduct it on your tax forms. While you are not getting actual cash in hand this way, you do get a small financial gain thanks to being about to write it off as a donation.

It is easy to see how you can quickly get rid of your junk cars. Contact a local cash for junk cars service, such as Cash For Cars, to learn more.


19 January 2022

Auto Wrecking: Metal and Beyond

Think about how much metal is used to make cars each year. It's a lot! Now, imagine if some of that metal could be recycled to make new cars, and perhaps even other appliances and machines. The truth is, this is already happening. Auto wrecking yards do a great job of making sure any usable metal is harvested from wrecked cars so it can be use again. They sometimes even remove whole parts from cars! In a world where it's so important to make sure we minimize waste, auto wrecking companies are helping. We're pleased to write about them here, and we hope you're pleased to learn as you read about them.