When Your Wheels Are Weary: Sell Your Car for Cash


There's a certain bond people form with their cars over time. For some people, their cars are an important part of their life, as they serve as their main means of transportation and freedom. But what do you do when that oasis on four wheels starts to show signs of wear and tear more often than not? Here's a not-so-unconventional thought: sell it and get cash for a ride that truly gets you from A to B reliably.

17 April 2024

Cash in on Your Junk Car: Why It's a Good Idea


Dealing with the burden of owning a dilapidated car can be quite troublesome, especially when it comes to disposing of this rusty heap of metal. However, there are lots of ways selling your junk car for scrap can be beneficial. Here are some of the reasons to consider selling your junk car for cash.  Junk Cars Are Worth More Than You Think Think it's just an eyesore in the backyard? Think again.

26 September 2023

Should You Buy A Junk Car With Frame Damage?


When buying a car, few people look for the junkiest of the junkers. But maybe you've found yourself in a situation where you need an affordable car, and all that's available is a junker with frame damage. Should you buy it? Read on to find out. When to Consider This Option The obvious benefit of buying a junk car with frame damage is that it will be incredibly inexpensive — especially if you want to use it for parts.

16 March 2023

Signs A High-Mileage Car May Be Ready For The Local Scrap Metal Yard


When an old car breaks down and cannot run anymore, the vehicle is little more than "junk." A private buyer won't likely wish to purchase a totaled model, so making a sale to a scrap yard is a seemingly wiser choice. While many people realize that scrap yards buy "dead junkers," they may not know that scrap yards will also purchase any vehicle with little or no private sale or trade-in value.

3 March 2022

Quick Ways To Score Some Cash For Your Junk Car


Do you have a junk car that is just sitting around your property, taking up space? If you are interested in getting rid of it and making some quick cash while you are at it, you are in luck. There are a couple of good ways you can finally get the junk cars out of your yard or driveway and get some money from them. To help you do that, you will want to review the following:

19 January 2022