Signs A High-Mileage Car May Be Ready For The Local Scrap Metal Yard


When an old car breaks down and cannot run anymore, the vehicle is little more than "junk." A private buyer won't likely wish to purchase a totaled model, so making a sale to a scrap yard is a seemingly wiser choice. While many people realize that scrap yards buy "dead junkers," they may not know that scrap yards will also purchase any vehicle with little or no private sale or trade-in value. So, car owners who feel their current model is reaching the end of the line might want to contact a local scrap metal yard like TNT Auto Salvage. Perhaps selling the model sooner rather than later may be a good plan.

Signs the Vehicle is Ready for the Scrap Yard

High-mileage vehicles might require extensive maintenance to remain on the road. Even reliable name brands can't prevent parts from wearing out due to age and use. When a vehicle's odometer heads north of the 150,000-mile mark, questions may arise about how much life it has left. When the model begins to suffer from clear problems, such as loss of power on inclines, brake issues, premature oil burning, or other issues, repairing it might not be worth it. Why spend significant sums of replacing a fuel pump when the car could suffer yet another problem not long after?

Concerns about Completing a Private Sale

Although the vehicle might have problems, someone could purchase the vehicle since it still runs. The buyer may assure the seller that he/she is okay with any mechanical problems. The sale might result in problems not too long after completing the title transfer. The buyer could claim the seller didn't reveal all of the issues and should pay for repairs. Worse, the seller may face liability claims for an accident resulting from maintenance issues.

The Final Stop at a Scrap Yard 

Scrap yards provide a way for various companies to purchase scrap metal for recycling. Since there's always a demand for recycled metals, scrap yards tend to welcome vehicle sellers. Scrap yards also allow drivers to purchase used parts, so a vehicle that is not "totally dead" may appeal to the management.

Selling to a Scrap Yard

Usually, proof of identification and the vehicle's title might be all the seller needs to unload a dying car. The seller won't likely need to deal with a disgruntled buyer since the car isn't likely returning to the road. The process may move quickly and involve a cash payment. Take those as two more potential positives for dealing with a scrapyard.


3 March 2022

Auto Wrecking: Metal and Beyond

Think about how much metal is used to make cars each year. It's a lot! Now, imagine if some of that metal could be recycled to make new cars, and perhaps even other appliances and machines. The truth is, this is already happening. Auto wrecking yards do a great job of making sure any usable metal is harvested from wrecked cars so it can be use again. They sometimes even remove whole parts from cars! In a world where it's so important to make sure we minimize waste, auto wrecking companies are helping. We're pleased to write about them here, and we hope you're pleased to learn as you read about them.