Should You Buy A Junk Car With Frame Damage?


When buying a car, few people look for the junkiest of the junkers. But maybe you've found yourself in a situation where you need an affordable car, and all that's available is a junker with frame damage.

Should you buy it? Read on to find out.

When to Consider This Option

The obvious benefit of buying a junk car with frame damage is that it will be incredibly inexpensive — especially if you want to use it for parts. If you're a mechanic or hobbyist and have the skill and resources to repair it yourself, this could be a great project to tackle.

It's also worth considering if you're looking for a car just to get from point A to point B. You won't be putting much money into the car and may be able to use it for a few years in its current condition. After all, many frame-damaged cars are still drivable and can get you around town.

In addition, if your goal is to buy the cheapest car possible, then frame-damaged cars may be your best option. Since law enforcement does not consider such vehicles roadworthy, they often end up with salvage titles that are far cheaper than those of similar cars without frame damage. You might have to source parts from a junkyard, but you can find workable inexpensive replacements to help you repair the car.

What You Need to Keep In Mind

Buying a car with frame damage can sometimes be tricky if you're unsure what you're doing. Even if you think the car looks okay from the outside, structural problems lurking beneath its surface may cost more to repair than what you paid for the vehicle in the first place.

And since most states require drivers to register their cars every year, you might even find yourself in violation of laws should your state deem your vehicle unsafe for driving due to its frame damage, especially if you didn't do much to fix it.

If you decide to fix up your new purchase, some repair jobs are beyond normal DIY skill levels — especially when dealing with frame damage.

These types of repairs require special tools and knowledge that not everyone has access to or can afford. You might want to consult with a junkyard representative or mechanic to help assess the damage and determine just how much it will cost you to put your car back on the road.

Ultimately whether or not it's worth it to buy a junk car with frame damage depends on each individual's budget and goals. Do some research into your local laws regarding registering salvage titles and weigh out how much money and effort it would take to invest in such a vehicle. But if you can get the car back in running condition for an incredibly low price, it may just be worth the hassle.  

For more information about junk car buying, contact a local company. 


16 March 2023

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